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“We all eat, and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly.”
Anna Thomas, Author, Love Soup
Nutrition as Medicine
“Stick to the plan and you will definitely see results and also feel better and with higher energy
Andrea R, lost 8.4 lbs


Bring balance back to your digestive system.



Optimize your liver to metabolize fat efficiently.



Recognize the food your body asks for & ReCode your way of eating.

ReCode Diet Online Program Overview

Your Gut Microbiota
Your Gut Microbiota

The gut microbiota is an important contributor to human health. The 3-day vegetable/fruit juice-based diet induced significant changes in the intestinal microbiota which were associated with weight loss.

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The Homeostatic Pathway
The Homeostatic Pathway

The homeostatic pathway controls energy balance by regulating your ability to eat for energy-in following depletion of energy stores through daily activity and exercise.

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Liver Optimization
Liver Optimization

Plants are an essential part of the human diet and contain compounds that are closely related to liver health. Selected food plants can provide nutritional and medicinal support for liver disease.

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The Hedonic Pathway
The Hedonic Pathway

The hedonic pathway can override the homeostatic pathway during periods of relative energy abundance by increasing the desire to consume foods that are highly palatable.

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Real People. Real Results.

See how this three phase plan has worked for our clients.

I had gained some weight from getting bad habits (eating fast food, being lazy and not cooking, etc.) Rachel helped me reach the best shape of my life. My advice is to enjoy the process and stick to the diet. Just buy the exact ingredients you are going to use and nothing else.

Daniel L. Lost 7 lbs

I was motivated to lose 10 pounds that I gained this past year. My greatest achievement was losing 7 pounds after the three-day juice cleanse! I also felt incredible during the first two weeks and so I was very disciplined because of my
initial success and overall feeling.

Valerie W. Lost 9 lbs

My greatest achievement was completing 3 days of juicing followed by 2 weeks of vegan meals. I feel great & I'm really glad I did it. I feel a change in my energy levels & I feel good when I work out, I can keep going even after class has finished. I'm focused & energized all day.

Mildred S. Lost 17.5 lbs

Program Pricing

Two Great Programs to Choose From.



$ 99 2 Weeks

First 2 Weeks of Program

Lose Up To 6 lbs

  • Initial Online Appointment
  • Before & After Photos
  • 2 Weeks Online Access
  • Phase I E-Book
  • 2 Weeks Menus, Recipes & Grocery Lists
  • Data Tracking

Purchase Phase I Only


$ 159 4 Weeks

Save 20% (off $199)

Lose Up To 12 lbs

  • 2 Online Appointments
  • Personal Dietitian
  • 4 Weeks Online Access
  • 4 Weeks Online Coaching
  • Phase I & II E-Book
  • 4 Weeks Menus, Recipes & Grocery Lists
  • Data Tracking, Assessment
  • 2 Weeks Fitness Recommendation
  • Menu Customization

Purchase Phase I & II

Order Your Juice Bundle

Wholesale pricing passed on to you.

Choose your juice bundle to begin, order by Monday for Friday delivery or Wednesday for Monday delivery.

"All Growns Up" Juice Fast Bundle

The All Growns Up bundle is a mix of tangy and rich adult flavors that keep you satiated & full of fantastic micronutrients throughout your 3 day fast. 24-12oz bottles in all. Juices are subject to availability, we may substitute an equivalent juice if listed supplies are unavailable.

"Sweet n' Sassy" Juice Fast Bundle

The Sweet n’ Sassy bundle is a mix of sweet and tart flavors that will keep you hydrated and full of fantastic micronutrients throughout your 3 day juice fast. 24-12oz bottles in all. Juices are subject to availability, we may substitute an equivalent juice if listed supplies are unavailable.

"Eat Yer Veggies" Juice Fast Bundle

The Eat Yer Veggies bundle is a mix of nut and veggie juices that will balance your gut and load you up on micronutrients throughout your 3 day juice fast. 24-12oz bottles in all. Juices are subject to availability, we may substitute an equivalent juice if listed supplies are unavailable.

*Juices and food are not included in any of the above plans. We work within each client’s weekly food budget to try to integrate the cost of our program into your monthly food budget so at the end of the month your spending on groceries is neutral.

Meet your Dietitian and Trainer

Your ReCode Team
Rachel Fassio

Rachel Fassio

Co-Creator & Dietitian

Rachel is a Fitness Trainer and Dietitian with years of experience in female hormonal balance and weight loss. She has degrees in Dietetics from University of Arizona and Arizona State as well as a Certification in Holistic Nutrition from the Canadian School of Holistic Nutrition.

Rachel is also Co-Owner of San Diego Core Fitness.

Rachel Fassio

Co-Creator & Dietitian
Justin Fassio

Justin Fassio

Co-Creator & Trainer

Justin has been in the fitness industry since 1996. First certified as a Master Fitness Trainer by the U.S. Army at Ft. Hood TX and then as the Commander’s Total Fitness Program Manager by the U.S. Air Force, for the 3rd Air Support Group, Justin has spent his life studying fitness, health and nutrition as well as motivating people to get into great shape.

Justin is Co-Creator of the Recode Diet and Co-Owner of San Diego Core Fitness.

Justin Fassio

Co-Creator & Trainer

Why Choose The ReCode Diet?

It's online and surprisingly easy to accomplish when you make the commitment.
Online Programs

All of your appointments are 1-on-1 interactive, online sessions making it easy to keep your schedule.


Online programming allows us to check in with you regularly and keep you on track to reaching your goals.

Key to Success

Not just knowing the right way to eat but changing the way your body craves and digests food is the key to lasting success.

Real. Professional. Guidance

Rachel is a true Dietitian with a college degree, not simply a ``Certified Nutritionist`` she knows exactly what she's doing.

Tech Savvy

We leverage technology to efficiently track your progress and give you the tools to recode your eating behavior.

Positive Attitude

Rachel & Justin bring an overwhelming positivity to their program, always encouraging you to live healthy and be strong.

ReCode Your Relationship with Food!

Use our three phase system to make better food choices and really learn how to eat for energy in rather than to excess.

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Online Nutrition Planning

Attending appointments via online interactive video conferencing and utilizing online tools keeps reaching your goals simple and easy to accomplish.

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