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How to Lose Weight in 3 Simple Steps

The nutrition industry is huge and most people end up getting the same results, the yo-yoing from losing weight temporarily to regaining it back because it is just too hard to keep the program going indefinitely. Well, there is a solution and it takes 3 steps (I’m not going to say easy because everything is work but the are doable)..

Step 1)

Generally our eating habits have created an in-balance in the bacterial makeup of our digestive system. There is a specific 3 day juicing protocol that will re-balance the good vs bad bacteria in your gut, increasing the bacteria types associated with lean people and decreasing the bacteria types associated with obesity so that your digestive tract becomes optimized for achieving healthy body composition.

Step 2)

The juicing protocol prepares your body for a base eating plan, that is a plan that removes all common allergens and inflammatory foods and drink such as refined sugar, wheat, caffein, alcohol, animal proteins and dairy. Yes, if you just remove these for a couple weeks you will lose weight (regardless of what we call our program) but the goal is to change the way you eat forever so the program is more complex than that and requires a third, yet essential step.

Step 3)

ReCode your hunger  pathway. When you begin to add variety back into your diet you need to journal the results of each meal and track what foods your body wants and does well with and which foods your body rejects. This will be easier to do than you realize.

After eliminating all common allergens and inflammatory foods, when you start to add them back into your diet it is really easy for you to identify, especially through journaling, which foods fill you up, give you energy and keep you motivated throughout the day and which foods leave you lethargic, bloated and feeling tired and sick to your stomach.

Intuitive eating, after completing the first two steps, will recode your cravings and put you into a homeostatic mode of craving food for energy in and energy out and not for excess. You go back to eating foods you like but are able to easily eliminate bad cravings that kept you from reaching your body composition goals in the past.

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